Medicine 101: Years 1 and 2

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So you’re crazy enough to spend the next fabulous four years of your life with an exceedingly critical and demanding fiance who will require your heart, mind, body and soul before you can actually use his prestigious “surname” that only comes in two consonant letters. This guy will test your limits and your sense of worth. He will make you cry, angry and exhausted. He will give you sleepless nights. Your fiance might even ask you to choose between him and your friends, sometimes.

As Dr. K has said, medicine is a terrible lover. However, unlike a real critical boyfriend with a tendency to stray when unsatisfied, Medicine will never leave you unless you decide to let it all go. It won’t give up on you unless it sees you throwing in the white towel. It is always loyal and it expects the same from you. Medicine does not promise great wealth, yet it offers stability and security. It gives you the opportunity to make this world a greater and healthier place.  Do you have what it takes be his partner forever? 

It takes quite a while to adjust to the crazy and chaotic life in medicine, at least for me. It took me a year to finally get the rhythm I needed. Too long?  Maybe. I used to blame my long hiatus from the University for this; however, I realized that each one adapts to changes differently. One must maximize his or her resources to keep up.

I’m not one of the most brilliant students in the batch. I’ve had my bad days when I didn’t know how to get it all done within the given limited time period. I’ve had tests where I was always left with 2 choices and I chose the wrong one, in most numbers (it’s always painful). However, the dream to be a good physician and the goal to save the lives of my future patients have been my driving force for me to go on, no matter what.

There are too many to share, and so I’ll be listing my top 10 must-have insights to survive and thrive during your first two years in medical school.

1. You are not Doctor House.

Your parents, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, neighbors and boyfriend/girlfriend may think so. Your mom might actually announce to the entire baranggay, on a fiesta given in your honor, that you are his caliber. Your dog may even agree with your mom. But, I repeat, you are not Doctor House. I have to say it again as a study revealed that about 17% of first year medical students have a case of narcissistic personality disorder (second only to the military which has a percentage of 20).

The first two years is a humbling experience. Maybe you were the best during your pre-med course, but being in medical school is an entirely new game. It does not matter what university you attended. Your Latin honors, although a great feat, is only impressive until the first exams. You all start on relatively equal footing.

It is important to accept the fact that there are a lot of things yet to learn and that there are students who will outsmart and outperform you (yup, the same ones who said they weren’t able to study because they were too sleepy to function lol; do not use this to comfort yourself that is okay not to study – their neural circuits may be wired differently). This is not an advice for you to lower your standards, but people who think they know more learn the least. Acceptance of one’s vulnerability can be a strong driving force to learn more. Condition your mind that you are not invincible. You must thirst for knowledge.

And oh, even if you think your professor is a dumb one, think again. He or she has an M.D. and passed the medical licensure examination. You are yet to pass your Biochem course 🙂 Have a little respect. Forgive his or her grammar imperfections, if you are a Grammar Nazi.

2.  Make it a habit to read your book – every day.

Stay away from  transcriptions, and read your very expensive books every day. Hey, your parents spent a lot of money for those books! Use them! Transes are good to read before the exams as they highlight the essential points and details, but if you want to see and learn the big picture, again, read your books. I, myself, struggled with this dilemma, especially during the last 2 weeks before exams. Books give a lot of details, which can be more than difficult to absorb if you are mentally tired. However, they are your best resources for a satisfying patient care in the future. This habit prevents backlogs and increases your chances of earning better grades. Trust me.

3. Make a schedule.

You must have the discipline to stick with it, as much as you can. I found it a challenge to stick with my schedules before medical school, but once you’re inside this jungle, you must do the necessary to survive and to achieve a bit of balance in your life. I won’t give you the details as to how to do your schedule. Each one functions differently. Know thyself and the courses involved for you to learn which “strategy” works best for you. (Personally, I find it best to deal with the heavier tasks involving mental focus during the first 2 to 5 hours of my day. If there are morning classes, I function best after a power nap. This is discussed in item 5).

It is essential to read the topic concerned before attending the lecture. Although the books are the best sources of details, there are some areas that you may have a hard time understanding. You just don’t get it. Lectures given by the experts are a great time to verify what you’ve read and to ask for further explanations, if needed.

When making a schedule, make sure to allot time for enjoyment, too. Do not overload yourself! You will be studying your entire life. Anything in excess is never good for the brain, for the body, and for the soul.

4. Do not get lazy.

The level of stress is increasing and you got this one free day from class because of a coming typhoon. It’s tempting to watch Mockingjay, yah? H&M has just opened, and it is giving away free gift certificates (those coats)! But, you have this study schedule. Should you go for it? Well, well, well. Extreme rigidity is not good either. Analyze the entire situation before giving in to laziness. Have you been lazy the past few days? Are you on track? Are you done with all your readings? Is there a sufficient free time in the next few days to make up for your H&M shopping spree? There are things to consider. This is part of being in medical school. This is not your undergraduate course where you can go YOLO.

You can have a lazy day, but only as a reward. If you weren’t lazy the last few days and have surpassed your reading goals before the lazy day in consideration, then you can be lazy.

Why am I torn about this item? I guess short and acute episodes of laziness is part of human nature. Chronic laziness is a no-no!

5. Get some sleep!

I was guilty of this one, countless of times, in the past. My Anatomy practical final exam during the first year was the turning point. I identified a deltoid muscle as a biceps brachii muscle, although I knew it was a deltoid muscle. Nothing could be more severe than this one. Maybe I was in twilight zone! I only had 2 hours of sleep before taking that practical exam.

I realized that the best way to score higher exam grades is to get at least 6 hours (for me) of sleep the night before the exams. It is during sleep that the brain processes the information acquired during your waking state. Memory consolidation is achieved through the behavior of specific brainwaves, which only takes place during sleep. No sleep = no memory consolidation = unstable memory during exam = you cry during the feedback scores

If the going gets tough, get a power nap. Power nap is an art and a science. It is all about getting the timing right! The goal of the power nap is to enter the REM sleep phase and to wake up as soon as the phase is over. If you go over the REM phase, deeper phases of sleep is achieved, which will make it really, really hard for you to get up and read (the struggle is real!).  You may start by sleeping for 30 to 35 minutes, and then reduce it by 3 to 5 minutes, until you do not feel exhausted after sleep. Get the perfect timing as you go along.

6. Repetition is the key.

Others may or may not agree with me on this, but my brain does not have the ability to absorb and memorize all the important details just by a single read. I need at least 3 readings before the exams to get it right. Spread the timing of readings. Practice makes perfect!

7. Be a team player.

I cannot stress this enough. No one is an island in medical school. One cannot graduate without the help from another. I spend each day with about 180 unique individuals. Some are easy to get along with; others can be difficult have around and may suck the energy out of you. A few can really have a huge ego. However, you must be flexible when dealing with your classmates. Find ways to co-exist in peace. Medicine is a stressful course; do not aggravate it by having unnecessary negative feelings for another.

Climb the ladder together, and pull one another up. Do not put anyone down for your own advantage. It may work for a while but it will not take you to great heights, in the long run. Kindness and understanding are important if you want to make it through the tough years. If these are not enough to convince you, remember that these people are the ones who will make referrals to you in the future.

8. Make time for family and friends/boyfriend/girlfriend.

It is difficult, but you need balance in your life to keep your sanity. It requires effort, a lot of effort, to keep up, but making time for your loved ones is a great way for you to be in touch with reality. These people believe in you; they will always root for you. You need to cherish and nourish your relationships as you go up. Spending a lot of time with your books and long lecture hours can take your heart away from the core. You need heart in this profession.

If you are out on a dinner date, please try hard not to fall asleep even if you are as tired as an old worn out shoe. It can be taken personally (of course, they do not know how much of a beating you got during the case study in the morning and that you made two patient histories in the afternoon). Have coffee 30 minutes before meeting up. It will keep you awake and alert for the next 2 to 3 hours. Creating and maintaining meaningful conversations can be hard, but the key here is to be genuinely interested with the person/s you are with.

9. Do not limit yourself to medicine.

Easier said than done, but there are ways to nourish the brain with non-medical information. Keep in mind that this profession deals with people from different backgrounds. You need to build rapport, too. Read the newspapers, watch the news or anything on cable, or make a Twitter account and follow accounts that interest you, even if it is TMZ. You need to be diverse too. You are not just a physician to-be whose knowledge is limited to the clinics. You are also a thinking citizen of the world!

Make time to do what you love. That’s the reason why I’m back to blogging 🙂

10.  The only way is up.

If you failed, promise yourself that you’d go up, and live by this promise. If something or someone brought you down, you get up and then go up without looking back. If someone broke your heart, pick up the pieces, leave the past behind, and go up. Going down must not be a deliberate choice in this field. You just can’t when you’re dealing with lives.

Medicine does not look for perfection. Intelligence is not the sole deciding factor. Medicine stays loyal and true to those who have the heart and the strength to make the hard choices and sacrifices needed to surpass the perceived limitations.

Keep calm, and carry on future doctor! Do not forget to have fun even in the most unusual places, just like this one!


Photo by my classmate Angelo Panelo

Harriet, M.D. in 2017


The Almost 2-Year Itch

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Hi vah-lag! I’m in this coffee shop, and I’m on my tab. I have this itch –  to write. I guess I’ve missed you, more than I thought I would.

I’m on a Christmas break, and along with this is the freedom from mental and physical stress. It’s only temporary, I know, but this feeling of normalcy is liberating. Sweet. Priceless. It feels new yet familiar to me. It’s refreshing to wake up in the morning without the annoying sound of my alarm clock, without feeling this sense of urgency to perform beyond expectations, and with the absence of that lingering feeling of anxiety, although the sun has just risen (during hell weeks). A quiet breakfast takes an entirely new meaning. Anything that does not involve books has become a luxury, vah-lag.

I complain. I am tired during most days of the week. I miss the independence. I miss opening Facebook without the academic notifications flooding in until 12 mn. I get the pressure from classmates to having a baby ASAP every Pedia session, and follow that up with questions regarding the potential gene pool. The funny thing is, despite these, there is no place I’d rather be at this moment. I belong here.

A lot have changed since I started medical school. I’ve changed. You’ve probably felt it, too. For almost 2 years, you were a blank page, waiting to do your purpose. You’re almost an abandoned old museum of my past crazy works, an unforgotten display of my pre-medical school life (do not include my recent post for Krista – it was made fo her, vah-lag). I kind of feel sad about it. As I’ve written in the past, each writing piece is a tangible extension of oneself. You were and still are a part of me. As I’ve forgotten all about you, have I also forgotten Harriet from the past?

As I browse through your pages, I realized how blessed I am to have this one big party before medical school. It may not be a grand life, yet I loved every single minute of it. I treasure the good, remember the bad, and learn from the ugly. Looking back has ignited an even stronger flame to make the most of what I have now, which I gained from my past, in order to shape the future that I’ve always wanted. Remembering the road I took to be in medical school, including the sacrifices that had to be made and the opportunities lost to chase my dream, made me more appreciative of and excited for my chosen profession. I know it’s not easy, but I’m willing to take my chances.

As I write this, I realized that I am still Harriet. I’m just older, cautious and smarter with my choices (I’d like to think so!), more stressed out and concerned with the future, and more inclined to work around a loaded schedule on a daily basis (I’m flexible, but medicine can be a demanding fiance). A progressive Harriet sounds better.

I am not one of the best writers, vah-lag, but let’s give HarrietEspiya another try. Get to know me and my world, again. What do you think?

Harriet, M.D. in 2017

Dear Beybiii,

Oh, there you are! I guess you’re back in Kuwait by the time you get this. I was strongly incited to write this blog entry after reading your Facebook status earlier. My first reaction was, “Oh, no! She wouldn’t!” I dropped my books, forgot my Parasitology Practicals tomorrow, and was stunned for 0.358 seconds. I thought you were just getting cold feet about going back. But, at 8:08 pm, I got your 3:05 pm Whatsapp message, and it caused me to panic – big time. Oh, dear. You were serious. I was reluctant about editing and posting this (I started writing this around  6 pm), but I’m going to do it anyway. Take that flight, promise me. Amazing things are waiting for you out there, Beybiii.

Do not be afraid, Maria Krista. It may seem unbearable to leave us, your comfort and your strong shield of support. It may seem daunting to face the painful realities that you have deal with again in Kuwait. Loneliness will certainly creep into your psyche and heart. For sure, there will be days when you regret some of the decisions you’ve made, and you may even hate yourself for it. It will be hard, there is no question about that. However, you are more than your fears and failures. You’re greater than any pain that you have to endure. If there’s one thing I can promise, it’s that it will all pass. It always does. You will get through it all. I know because I know you. I’m betting our 17 years of friendship on this one 🙂

Go back to the last blog entry I made last June of 2013. I was saying goodbye to you, almost tearful, and wishing you all the luck and the love that Kuwait had to offer. We were hopeful and more than pumped up to see what’s out there for us. We were finally getting the break of our lives! I felt invincible. You were excited for the life that you have always hoped for. Get it all back, girl.

I fell in love and got my heart broken, the hardest way possible. I began to doubt my purpose, principles and priorities in life after that unfortunate event. The sense of being alive and the zest for learning vanished for a few months. I may never feel your pain, but it’s all a process that each one of has to endure after each heartbreak. Different circumstances, but we get hurt all the same. We lose not only the person, but a part of us, too. And, we have no other choice but to recover what’s lost and to build what’s left of us. The only thing that we truly have in our control is ourselves.

Each loss leads us to make an inventory of our lives. Take the next few months to recognize your strengths, in order to compensate for and finally overcome your weaknesses. Nothing happens without a good reason, Beybiii. It’s really all up to us how we make the best out of the circumstances.

Last year, I thought, if only you were with me, things would’ve been more tolerable. Now, I wish I were with you to carry some of your burdens and make things easier for you. I blamed distance for making it harder for us to keep up on each other’s lives.


Has distance taken the love we truly deserve? Or, has distance revealed that we do not deserve what was offered, in the first place? By now, we both know the answers.

Saying goodbye has always been hard for me. So, I’d like to say, “‘Til we meet again, Beybiii”. It’s easier and more hopeful that way.

Your shota,


P.S. Thank you for smoothing out my rough edges, girl! Our talks for the past month have made me realize a few but very important things in my life. I’m claiming IT! Hey! You are set to go to my wedding in a not too distant future, and you’re not wearing a shabby dress with a dull color. You are exempted! Please excuse the Love of My Life as he can’t say goodbye to you right now. He’s busy, out there, still enjoying life and maybe sorting out his self. I promise I’ll work on my evasiveness, Beybiii lol !


Dear Beybiii,

I said I wouldn’t. You’ve been waiting for this for so long. It’s just that I have to do this before everything else goes into chaos (and before they shut you from the rest of the world – just kidding!). Whew! 72 hours isn’t enough. I don’t think it’ll ever be enough.

We’re as different as night and day. You’re the rock star; I’m the kyeme-kyeme. You love black; I love pink. You are the master of astig-ness; I’m 100% super girl. These are all superficial differences. We both know we’re alike in so many ways.

We’re the divas of Centerstage. We’re at the crossroads of our lives. We’re both in our 30s, single and brave enough and sometimes anxious at fault to switch careers. Our dreams are the extreme opposites. I want to heal; you want to paint our world with beauty through the creative expression of your art. Nevertheless, we both have dreams – big dreams. We want to make the most of what we have.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Summer of 2013. We both loved (or thought we did!) and walked away tall.

We grew up. We’re wiser and stronger. These are more than enough to keep us moving forward to search for and finally accept the love that we think we deserve 🙂 We love men, girl, no matter how much we deny it!

Our friendship is a rare gem. It goes beyond borders and withstands the test of time. No judgments, just an anchor of support. There has always been a rare display of respect, understanding, and patience. I feel blessed and proud to have you in my life, girl! Thank you, Tita Merci for letting Krista stay on the fourth floor of La Consolacion dorm!

I’ll surely miss the talks that went on from afternoon to midnight. My blood caffeine level will certainly go down. Makati coffee shops will absolutely feel a decrease in returns. I’ll miss the call-a-friend lifelines and those impromptu psychotherapies. I’ll miss you a lot!

I feel that a part of me is taking that 18:50 flight bound to this far far away land on Friday. Greater things are waiting for you. You are finally getting there, and you are ready for this. There are more reasons to be happy and excited than not.

I can’t wait to see your ‘creations’ displayed on the runways and billboards. I believe in you. London, New York, and Paris Fashion Weeks, are you ready for this girl on fire?

I love you, girl! Chase your dreams. Chase them well 🙂 Thank you for sharing them with me.

Don’t worry about me. Medical school is treating me more than well 🙂

Harriet, Shota ni Krista

P.S. Last na talaga to…. CHOOSE ME! AKO NA LANG, AKO NA LANG ULIT?

Harriet Goes to Med

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Hi, vah-lag! Wait lang! I know I owe you a lot! I promised I’d start writing again after I’m done with my med stuff. I’m truly sorry if it took me a while to write a decent post. The stress was extended! But, you’ve got to admit, you looooove my Adam post last week.

Vah-lag, I made it to UERMMC! Yup, I’ll be wearing a white med uniform this June. I’m thankful and I feel blessed. Although I’m a big believer of second chances, I was beyond surprised when I saw my name in the first list. I gave big pats on my bilateral (both) shoulders and justified to myself that it was OK to spend so that I can do happy-happy with friends!! What a big relief!

It was the sweetest birthday gift. Ever. The results came out 3 days before my birthday. Woooh! I was hoping for my name to be included in the first list. Eh kasi, waiting kills. A mental torture! I passed my requirements last December 21, 2012, but I wasn’t called in to be interviewed until the third week of February. The day after the interview, the registrar texted, asking for the number of units of this certain subject. I thought, if my name’s not in the first list, it’s buh-bye UERM. It only meant my application was deliberated on and I failed to make the cut. It would mean that I have to study med in Davao. Lonely ako dun… Strict si Duterte LOL

Mahirap. I couldn’t sleep. I was planning on my Plan B, Plan B-1, Plan C etc (you get the idea!). UERM was the only choice. I usually place my eggs (ok, masagwa pakinggan) in a lot of baskets, but this time around, UERM is “The One”. Nag-iisa. It’s like buying a single lottery ticket lang to win Php 50 million. I was scared. What was I thinking?

More than 1,800 applicants competing for two sections (350 slots)! Younger, smarter, and a few with solid connections. What was I thinking, again?! I thought I messed it up talaga. Nakakahina. Nakakaoverwhelm! See, I’m telling you all these now. I couldn’t write them down a few months ago because I knew I’d rant about it.

The results came out at 9 p.m. Someone tweeted that the list was already posted in the registrar’s office. Waaah! My first reaction was to dress up, take the taxi, and travel to Sta. Mesa, but I knew the guards won’t let me in. I thought about asking Jaze to look it up since he lives near UERM, but nahiya ako. Baka kasi bagsak!

I was up until 4 a.m. I was tempted to buy diphenhydramine sa Mercury just so I can sleep. At 6 a.m., I was up, but I had a bad diarrhea. On my way to UERM, I got dizzy in the taxi. The moment I saw Mezza Residences, which is a block away from UERM, nasusuka na ako. And na-didiarrhea uli. Waaah! I dragged myself to the registrar’s office.

And there it was: P@LP@R@N, HARRLET J0Y MOR@LES. Happpppy but wait! Ako naman ata to?! I was sooo relieved but my hands were shaking as I was taking a picture of it 🙂

After that, nag-text and call galore ako. Nag-ronda patrol locally and worldwide. Nagschedule ako ng gimmicks with friends! I ate at Bonchon with Jaze. I went back to the condo and slept the entire afternoon.

I know it may be mababaw. I know it’s just the start of a long journey, but I’ve never wanted anything so bad kasi.

I thought the stress is over until UERM informed me that they are considering me for a scholarship. There is one requirement, though. I had to retake the NMAT for a 90 percentile ranking. Ay sus! I thought, why not? But waiiiit! It was almost two weeks away. Okay. Challenge accepted.

I admit, I messed up my NMAT last December. The grade made it to the cut, but I wasn’t satisfied with my performance. Call me an OC-OC but it’s like Adele singing out of tune. I wasn’t in tune. There were a lot of stresses a month before the exam, and as much as I wanted to balance everything, somehow, my mental state was not at its par level.

I wasn’t satisfied because I knew I could have done more. I took the NMAT this year because I want to gauge where my mind stands. Gusto ko bumawi.

April 2013 NMAT is a lot better. I felt more relaxed. Everything was calmer. I didn’t study ng mega. I just chilled and chilled because I knew it was what I lacked the last time. Getting a 90 is a loooong shot. My 20-something-year-old mind would’ve made an upper-80 grade. Getting a 90 at age 30-something would be a miracle. However, I’m much more content with my performance now. Maybe it’s because I knew I was at my best – the best state that I could achieve at this time. Scholarship would just be a bonus, a big and sweet one.

It’s a big relief, vah-lag. Inspired. Excited.

Harriet, M.D.

P.S. I’m sorry. This post is not edited. I just want to write it as I feel it. 🙂

Happy Birthday!

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Happy first birthday, vah-lag!

I’m two days late! Sorry!

I posted my first entry on February 8, 2012. It was around 10 p.m. I was probably on my break period when I started out with HarrietEspiya. I was too busy (and burned-out) thinking, writing, and editing last year, and so I thought of creating my own blog just to chill and vent out. Time flew too fast.

There were a lot changes since that February night. Big changes are yet to come.

It’s because of the coming decisions and changes that I haven’t written anything since the first week of January. There are things that I’d like to keep to myself first before I share them to the rest of the world – published until eternity (unless I decide on taking it all down).

I’m not lost, much less confused. I know where I want to go and I intend to go there, but the road isn’t so easy for me. I admit, I’m a bit scared of the uncertain. This is the last shot for me to be the person I want to be.

Just a little patience, vah-lag. After everything’s settled and finalized, I’m going to write until I run out of words and drop!

Harriet, blogger, writer, dreamer 🙂


A few of my blog entries focused on the magical(?) and wild, wild, world of videoke. As I look back, 2012 is probably the year when I made pakyaw at different videoke bars. A number of these sessions were with my videoke partner, Ciara (Follow her on Twitter @TheRaketeer)! As a bonus (hahaha as if it makes a big difference on world peace!), I’m listing the top videoke songs Ciara and I sang in 2012. A few of our song choices have stories behind them. Some are just our faves – we couldn’t resist belting them out once we get hold of the mic.

Ciara is a much better singer than I. Malamig ang boses! Benta talaga. Me, simple lang. I sound like Adele lang. Hahaha

I’ll be sharing 2 lists! The first list consists of International Videoke Songs. The second includes our fave OPM hits.

Here we go!

Top 10 International Videoke Songs

1. I Know Him So well – Whitney and Cece Houston version. Yup, we wish we knew our ex-men before we fell. It’s complicated!
2. Someone Like You – It’s the song we both love but do not ever wish to sing – in reality. We usually play it twice during the sesh. One run for Ciara. One run for me.
3. Rolling in the Deep – Just because this is probably the most challenging Adele song there is. Mahirap ang “rolling”. I’m yet to discover the tongue dynamics for “rolling”.
4. Chasing Pavements – My National Anthem since 2008.
5. Didn’t We Almost Have It All – Ciara’s most benta song! Ahhluveeet! Mahihiya si Whitney!
6. All At Once – If there’s Didn’t We Almost Have It all, merong All At Once. This song is a hit or miss for me. Some nights, I sound  lot like Whitney (pagbigyan). On a bad day, I sound like a choking cockroach.
7. One Hello – Because everything starts with one hello!
8. Better Days – Ciara’s National Anthem. Tumatayo ako to give pugay!
9. Sunlight – If we want to have all that jazz!
10. People Alone – Our breather. If we’re tired and all, we need a relaxing, non-stressful song. Ciara usually sings this once I start eating the platter pulutan.

Honorable mention:

Abba Medley – No need to memorize! Ciara does it all.
You Oughta Know (Alanis medley) – Just because! My post and immediate breakup song! When you’re bitter and all that. Hahaha
Total Eclipse of the Heart – Whew! Once you get the hang of this song, you’ll be OK.
Alone – This is the fraternal twin of Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Top 5 OPM Videoke Songs

1. Hiram – The first OPM song we took time to study. You know, mala Zsa-Zsa voice is hard ah! Di baaaa (nasal!) ako’y tao lang nadadarang at natutukso rin. Trivia: This is first sung by Nathz Dangan.
2. Points of View – It became one of our mainstays during our NLE and NCLEX review days. We had different points of views kasi. One would like to study Brunner lang, and the other went Tortora all the way. One would like to read the reviewer from Recto.
3. How Did You Know – If we want to be emo!
4. I Remember the Boy – It’s true! We just remember the name, but not the feeling – aneeemoooore!
4. A Very Special Love – Sarah G version. We both love the movie.
5. Bituin Walang Ningning – We grew up with Tita Shawie’s movies! I remember this is first introduced by Nathz, the OPM queen herself.

Most of these songs may be classified as the classics. In truth, we’re versatile singers – LOL! We can sing Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga or One Direction songs. The ones in the list are those closest to our hearts. Songs make good bookmarks in our lives 🙂

Harr, a TH, amateur videoker